Mould Remediation:

Mould occurs naturally indoors and outdoors in a variety of species. Mould growth relies on moisture and organic nutrients in order to thrive. Building areas with high humidity and inadequate ventilation are ideal breeding grounds for mould.

Visible mould could be an indication of a building systems problem and there may be mould occurring in concealed areas such as under carpets, behind drywall and in ductwork. Mould growth in buildings is a health hazard and precautions should be taken during removal. Exposure to mould may cause skin and eye irritation, nose and throat irritation and in some cases increased rates of respiratory disease and building related asthma. Even dead mould spores can pose a health hazard, therefore it is essential that removal is thorough.

JMX Environmental possesses extensive experience in the safe removal of mould from buildings. Our management and field personnel are well aware of the precautions necessary to control the spread of mould spores and the techniques to complete remediation.

JMX Personnel have safely and successfully completed mould remediation projects in homes, offices, institutions and industrial buildings. We have the experience and expertise to offer cost effective solutions which provide minimal disruptions to on-going operations.

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